Customised joinery

Our studio empowers clients to design and execute bespoke joinery projects at a realistic price.   

Excellent proportions, tasteful finishes that feel good to the touch, and a simple, modern aesthetic.  Until now, most cabinetry products meeting that brief have only been available to the highest end of the Australian market.  Ren Studio was founded to manufacture joinery products with the aesthetic we like, at reasonable prices for retail clients. 

Our doors and fronts are the same as those used in high-end interior design projects, the only difference being the cabinetry interior used in the project, which is purchased from Ikea.  The mix of high and low elements makes the price point of the joinery a realistic one. We encourage you to combine our doors and drawer fronts with Ikea cabinetry to execute a truly bespoke design project with a luxury finish.

When it comes to joinery, we know what works and why: the perfect shade of off-white, how to mix door profiles, and how to skilfully use colour in ways that won’t excessively date the design.

Ren Studio products are intended to be mixed and matched, and as the range has been professionally designed, no ‘bad’ options are presented.


There’s no need to travel near and far over many weekends to arrange your project.  Whilst some legwork is unavoidable, when you know what to look for, it’s possible to purchase every element of your kitchen renovation online. 

We’ll show you how.

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