Timeless + natural

Quality plywood is a seriously beautiful product and a great choice for kitchens.  We know a plywood kitchen that was installed in 2001 that has held up to daily, heavy use and still looks fantastic.  The bonus with plywood is its potential for refinishing, though we think a few bangs and scratches add character.

The whitewashed ply option is a particularly sophisticated, elegant choice.

Plywood is a natural product, so expect some variation in colour and grain.  Available in NEAT and DOT profiles.


The new modern

Many interpretations of ‘modern’ leave us cold and uninspired.  The Ren Studio antidote is soft touch, smooth panels which look and feel at once futuristic and classic.  It’s a gentle, refined choice that’s easy on the eye and fingerprint resistant.

Available in our simple NEAT profile.


The designer’s laminate

We love timber veneer, but it simply isn’t practical in many applications – it’s too expensive and fragile.  The timber laminate we offer in its place is a beautiful, practical and true-to-life timber alternative.

This range looks great with contrasting cabinets in a custom coat finish.

Available in NEAT profile only.

Custom Coat

Classic, no-gloss, painted finish

Start and end your quest for the perfect neutral here. 

We’ve put together a cohesive colour palette of interesting neutrals from cool, warm and off whites, to deep olive, charcoal and black. 

If using a dark colour in kitchen applications, we suggest a handle or knob as greasy fingerprints show up more on dark options in the bright Australian sunlight.  If you prefer a no handle option, you may like to consider the dark options in our Renwood or Supermatte ranges.  

Available in every profile.

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