An accurate, measured diagram of your room is the essential starting point for your project.  Please don't rush this step.  We think measuring up is best done as a two-person job if possible. 


functional design

Spend time working out how the space should work.  Try different layouts and cabinetry break up options to understand what will work best in your space.

We recommend refining the design over a few weeks, as the first layout may not be the most successful.


The fun part. 

Clear your dining table and get as many samples as you can – tiles, flooring, cabinetry finishes – the works.  Put together a finishes board for your project, then sit with it for a while.  Keep improving it. 

Reference images can help you understand your tastes if you're unsure.  If you have reference images and are unsure how to translate them into your design, email us and we'll help where we can.


Order from suppliers

Order your cabinetry carcasses from Ikea, and anything else you need to complete the job, like fixtures, tiles and lighting.  The delivery time for some elements in your renovation can be as much as 12 weeks.  Ikea products generally arrive quickly if in stock.

Order from ren studio

Using your Ikea design as a reference, order your door and drawer fronts from us to finalise your renovation purchasing.  Our craftsmen will fabricate and hand finish your panels to our exacting standards. 

As our products are made to order, unfortunately we cannot accept returns.  We recommend you triple check your order to ensure the sizing and finish options are accurate.



We believe flat packed cabinetry is only as good as its installation and recommend professional installation in every instance.  The right tools are just as necessary as the right skills.

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