We offer four door profiles to work for projects of any type, from ultramodern renovations to a classic updates.

Our clients often use two profile types in the one space.



This routed profile feels modern when installed and brings a clean aesthetic to joinery projects in older homes.

The vertical routes lines of our Linear profile are spaced at 100mm. This style looks fantastic with an oversized turned timber handles on tall (usually pantry) doors.

Available in Customcoat finishes. 



The workhorse.  Our Neat profile is a simple flat-fronted panel available in every Ren Studio finish.  Keep finishes consistent or combine two finishes for interest.

The Neat range plays very well our other profile options.



A design classic for good reason.  The modern shaker - ours is slimline and without fussy detailing.  Our shaker profile has a continuous 55mm border around each panel, with tall doors having one or two additional rails running horizontally across the door, depending on the height. 

Looks great with or without knobs. Available in Customcoat finishes.



Modern and simple, a circular cut-out gives our Dot style a youthful vibe. 

Pair Dot profile base cabinets with Neat profile on uppers for a fresh, contemporary look.  We particularly love this profile in older style apartments. 

Available in Plywood and Customcoat finishes.

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